Behind the Scenes

Thankfully I have been blessed to work with an incredible photographer who loves to shoot video while she simultaneously photographs.  This video was from our first shoot of 2018. Why I'm just now posting this?!  Who knows!!! ENJOY! 

If I Had A Sister

Once again, Laci Havens and I teamed up to ninja style a shoot. This time it was in Echo Park early enough in the AM to actually find parking. Laci dreamed up this concept based on her desire to always have a sister. She always wanted to Know what it was like to share clothes, share secrets and live the subtle nuances of sisterhood. You can't really explain it, but when you have a sister you just know one another, even if you aren't close. I have two sisters myself and it truly is an inexplainable connection. These are the 8 shots from the story that Laci captured through her lens. 



Luna y Sol - IVY + NATALIE

Teamed up with Laci Havens and Goldstruck Goods to create this American Dream concept. We shot in Topanga Canyon and did so many looks its too hard to count. Ivy and Natalie are best friends and complete opposites. It was such a joy to work with them and watch them transform in front of our eyes.